Clinical-Congress-8Leadership Practices for Transformed Healthcare Results


Exceptional healthcare results are rooted in an exceptional culture. Transformed healthcare cultures come from sustained changes in behaviors and new conversations. Leaders nurture transformation through a compelling view of the future, enabling others to see the world with new eyes and to develop skills to create that future.


Transforming cultures is simple – not easy. The systems and skills to transform healthcare cultures to ones that provide exceptional outcomes across the continuum of care can be developed when leaders illuminate a path that strengthens their own and others’ capacity to question what exists today, to discover and test new ways to deliver results, and to develop joy in daily work.

Barbara Balik and Common Fire exist to transform healthcare through partnerships with leaders committed to making and keeping promises to patients, families, and communities – promises for care that is safe; that promotes health, heals and restores; assures value; and that offers experiences that bring joy to both those giving and receiving care.

Common Fire uses evidence based practices for personal, team, and organizational transformation.  Examples of partnerships include design of quality systems for accountable care; safety culture assessment and transformation; skills to transform care and support daily innovation; systems and skills for excellent experiences in partnerships with patients and families; leadership for quality, safety, staff and provider engagement; governance role in creating transformational cultures; systems for safe, effective technology deployment.


Barbara Balik, RN, EdD

Barbara Balik RN, EdD heads Common Fire. She brings deep and successful skills as a Senior Faculty with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, former hospital CEO in an integrated health system, a patient care executive/CNO in two organizations, a large healthcare system executive leader of quality and safety, and maternal-child health nurse.

Her strategic and operational experience in healthcare includes work with a variety of healthcare organizations and boards – large and small hospitals, clinics, and community based care sites.


Barbara Balik and her work in Common Fire forge partnerships with healthcare leaders to create the systems and skills for healthy, thriving cultures. Adapted to the unique needs of each organization, the systems and skills provide a crystal clear focus on the transformational results – improving the health and health care of communities with exceptional results in care, safety, patient and family experience, staff and provider engagement, and financial vitality.


She is a nationally recognized expert, speaker, and educator on healthcare safety, quality and adaptive systems design.  The well-received book The Heart of Leadership: Inspiration and Practical Guidance for Transforming Your Health Care Organization, co-authored with Jack Gilbert, reflects research into the personal and organizational factors that contribute to the outstanding results achieved by transformational healthcare leaders. Her career, research, and educational pursuits reflect a long term passion for transforming healthcare. More


Barbara works primarily with organizational leaders – healthcare organization boards, CEOs, senior leadership teams, and clinical executives – to achieve results at the level of the whole system rather than a single project level.

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